Queen Of Asia International Crowned Mrs Micky Gupta As Mrs Galaxy Universe Queen

Mrs. Micky Gupta crowned as Mrs Galaxy Universe Queen on 3rd October at Queen of Asia International 2021. She thanked her husband and family members for her win as they stood by her through thick and thin.

In the year 2019, her confidence boosted after becoming the finalist of Mrs Pride of Nation. That incident brought a wave of hope and faith which helped her dream limitlessly for a brighter future.

With God’s grace, she was blessed with a baby girl to which she found herself grateful. She never thought of her daughter as a full stop to her career, instead she saw her as a lucky charm. And with the love of her daughter, husband, brother, mother, mother-in-law and other well-wishers she decided to fly higher.

By becoming Mrs Galaxy Universe Queen, Micky proved that no bar is too high to cross and no hurdle too heavy to lift. While people talk about the problem one faces after becoming a mother, she gracefully accepted motherhood and used it as a strength to reach her goals. She is a daughter, wife, mother and also a Queen who knows no limit when it comes to conquer the world, making her a perfect example of an empowered women.


Queen Of Asia International Crowned Mrs  Micky Gupta As Mrs Galaxy Universe Queen.

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