Pesticides Are More Deadly Than Covid-19

  • Serious illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer’s are increasing in youth due to eating pesticide-rich fruits and vegetables

Today, biopesticides are replacing chemical insecticides. Although they are proving useful for the crop, they harm our health like chemical pesticides. Young people between the ages of 25-40 years are getting cancer due to lifestyle changes. Another very important reason for this is pesticides. Many experts believe that today’s pesticide is more fatal than coronavirus.

Chemical pesticides have adverse effects on human health. Serious diseases like cancer are increasing by eating vegetables laced with pesticides. Along with this, it also has an adverse effect on the lungs, kidneys, and liver. These pesticides are a major cause of serious diseases. According to statistics, the number of patients with cancer has drastically increased with men having oral cancer and women having breast or cervical cancer.

Vegetables should be bought home with extreme care. One should avoid vegetables that have too much shine on them. Many times, chemical residues do not wash off our vegetables even after washing them properly. Experts believe that the chemicals being used in pesticides are neurotoxic, which result in diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The nutrients of vegetables are also lost due to excessive use of chemicals. Copper sulfate, rhodamine, malachite green, etc. are being used to make the colors of vegetables seem brighter. There are many vegetable wash products that are coming into the market nowadays. These products not only thoroughly wash the chemicals on vegetables but also keep them safe from other types of germs. Vegetable wash products were being used extensively during the pandemic.

Due to pesticides, chemicals, and fast food, the cases of cancer are increasing day by day.  The number of such patients has doubled in the last three years. Most of them are young.

The dark green color of peas, chilies, and other green vegetables is also artificial. It is being colored with malachite green chemicals. Copper sulfate is being used on all green vegetables like Bhindi, Gourd. These chemicals are extremely harmful to health.

Copper sulfate is most commonly used on vegetables. This chemical affects the liver and kidneys. Free radicals are formed due to this chemical which causes premature aging.

To get the cabbage crop soon, a chemical called tracer is used on it, which causes cancer. It makes cabbage ready to eat within a maximum of three days. Its residue remains even after washing cabbage with water.

Pesticides and other harmful chemicals are used to maintain the luster of vegetables found in shops and markets. On entering the body, it adversely affects the lungs and kidneys. Not only this, chemicals are also being added to make the cabbage flower lumpy. There is a need to be careful while buying vegetables from the market. VeggieSafe Products are able to remove chemicals from these vegetables to a great extent.

Director Medical Oncology, Medanta Hospital, Dr. Alok Gupta said, “From the time of planting the seeds in the fields till the arrival of the vegetable to us, pesticides are sprayed on it in every stage to keep them fresh and to protect them from insect-weed hulls. These insecticidal medicines keep the vegetable safe, but they are very harmful to our health. This is the reason that even after washing the vegetables thoroughly, the toxic substances and pesticides present on their surface are not removed and it causes cancer, allergies, heart issues, stomach disorders, sugar, blood disorders, and eye diseases.”

AMA Herbal Group of Companies makes VegeSure, a vegetable wash that removes harmful insecticides and pesticides from the surface of vegetables. CEO and Co-Founder of AMA Herbal, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah said “The effect of pesticide on ladyfinger, brinjal, gourd, and cucumber, etc., lasts for about 7-21 days, whereas these vegetables come in the market only in two-three days. Due to the use of these, lethal diseases like cancer have started growing inside our bodies today.

AMA Herbal Company’s Vegetable washes are available in the market, with the help of which the harmful pesticide on vegetables can be removed.”

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